Fairy Godmother(x Rated)

Was just sitting by my computer when I heard knock on door,went to answer opened door slightly as I'm a closet dresser and as was not expecting anyone had dressed in my vanilla femme clothes."Hello mark" she said"Can I come in as I have some good news for you" .I opened up the door and as she came in she gave me once over,it was bit disconcerting."nice " she said.then sat on the settee beconing me to sit beside," I have come to grant you three wishes the first two you can ask the last will be my choice"
Well i thought and said" I would like to heal others by putting hands on the body where the pain is and draw it out,or heal bones".She looked at me and said" you can do this but if your healing an adult you must becarefull as if you touch one of their erogenous zones they will become highly sexed and want the person they are looking at to sexually use them,so make sure thier partner is presant!".
"Will do and thanks" I said.Next I would love to have a large sum of money millions,in my bank account to help others financially and start up finance club that actually helps others with giving loans but also helps out with there financing so they don't get into trouble again."Write down figure on this cheque" she said so I did,it'll be in your account tomorrow!
"Now come with me " She said and taking me into the bedroom she took off her blouse and skirt just standing in her undies,matching bra,crotchless panties and suspender belt all white with white stockings,She then took off my blouse and undid my skirt letting it fall to floor leaving me standing in my black bra"B" cup white plain nylon panties and black tights,well wasn't expecting company .She then asked me to lay on bed and gave me a plastic phallas about same size as my **** and balls asked me to put it into her panties so it looked normal,well did this and she got onto the bed so thes phallas was just by my mouth as I turned My head
"Suck it"She said so I did and the plastic started feeling different,"whatever happens keep sucking " she said.I kept sucking and felt my breasts start to press against my bra,my tummy started to feel warm and my **** felt like it was getting hot and my balls burnt,my panties began to feel lose were my **** and balls were as I sucked the heat was getting unbearable."Keep Sucking " my fairy godmother told me well I sucked and started thinking this plastic phallus feels real so started to go further down and mnaged to get all of this beautiful **** down my throat it tasted real and just as was thinking the burning sensation in my belly and groin is to much felt the hot cremy *** hit the back of my throat.
"OK ,take out my ****" she said now looking at her she had my **** between her legs,and me I dare to Look .My bra was very uncomfortable,she bent down gave me a kiss and said" In three months your face will look more femme,your hair will thicken up..Now lets have look at you".So I stood up and facing the mirror she stood behind me and undid my bra,well I was suprized my brests had grown and my nipples were large and pink,Mu tummy had shrubk to leave nice waist,As she put her hands between my legs I felt that I was different but didn't comprehend untill that was I now had a vulva,vagina,as she pushed down my tights and panties to reveal my new sex ."Like it?" she said.and then taking me by the hand got on the bed and proceeded to lick me and well I got hot and she kept licking and playing with my new ****.Did i come Oh yes and I squirted asif I had male ******.she then climbed onto me and slipping what was my **** into my new vagina proceeded to slip it in a little at time untill could feel my balls against my inner thighs then with a thumb against my **** and her lips kissing me she proceeded to pound me and felt myself coming again also felt my old **** start to throb and then eject into me,WOW! We lay there for a while and she got up dressed,picked up bag from end of bed."These toys are for you to have fun"with that she gave me kiss and walked out I looked in the bag and found some vibrators and butt plugs of different sizes hand cuffs and ankle braces,and some nice silk rope ,Well a girl has to have fun!Well doesn't she?
thecarer thecarer
51-55, M
Sep 23, 2012