Tearing And Bleeding

my memorioes started around about a year ago back when i frist so her it was about a year ago
we whrere perfect for another and she was my soul mate and their wasn,t any thing we did not share in common her smile made me feel safe and sucerd and i was her and she was mine and we did everything together and i was so in love with her. how could i see that her feeling for me were wearing thin and she was loseing that love we shared for one and other
she would not retrun my calls and she would talk to me i was heart broken and my heart was
shaertted tearing and bleeding if i wasn,t blinded by her love i thought we shared i would have so those signs my heart is empty cause she is gone and i can,t find the missing parts to part it
togther again i was so. in love and i never thought that she would like someone eles i might never see the women that made me feel safe and scured again my girl no longer mine any more she with someone eles know i cry as i see them together laughing talking being happy as we once whrere and i remmber her smile her kisses the way she made my heart go piter pater once upon a november she once my girlfreind but know she loves other i might never find love like her again she was sweet carring conpassite lovely eyes and a smile that could ment your soul mine only true love know i,am tearing and bleeding my heart in some many parts broken and i can no longer find love in my life with out my girl we went to the fair and she won me a teddy bear that was the last time i so my babygirl now me and the bear and the memorioes are all i have of her .
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That is one depressing story, Is the story in your point of view or some made up character?

well the story about how my girlfriend once broke my heart and how i felt about our
relationship and i was heart broken because she was with someone other person
and. i was tearing and bleeding inside my heart broken the story is in my point of view