It May Look Like A Rant...

...and probably because it is.

I am about to turn 48 years old.  I feel I have had a full life.  I was single for a long time and I had a good time.  I traveled, I dated, I had my own place, a good job and I had tons of friends.  Today, I am married to a wonderful man, we have a beautiful son, a nice house, a dog, a cat and some fish.  I am no longer the single-no responsibilities except for myself-woman.  I'm a wife and a mother now and  my world is completely different than it was 15 years ago.  I changed.  Plain and simple.

But, not only have I changed.....the world has changed considerably.  Yes, technology is at the forefront of most of our lives, and everything is more expensive than it was.  There is still stress, mental anguish, heartache and tears but that also goes hand-in-hand with love, success, laughter and fascination with the world around us.

I honestly think about the little things that have changed in our lives.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that we as a society have slowly changed into worried, fearful and almost paranoid beings.  But why?

I swear to the Heavens above that my mother (probably on a very regular basis, if not every day) cut chicken on the counter, then grabbed broccoli right where the raw chicken laid, used the same knife to cut it, neglected to pour a cup of bleach or sanitizer on the counter after the chicken and not one of us ever got sick and/or poisoned and I'm positive that none of us died.  Not once.

Oh, and putting hot stuffing into a cold turkey.  Oh yeah....poison! poison! poison! Death to your whole family for sure!!!!  My mother and her mother before her did it every single Thanksgiving and no one died.

Do you know what was considered a good time when I was a kid?  Someone having a pick-up truck and sitting in the back while they drove around town.  Now?  Every single person that was on the road would pick up their cell phone, call the police and you probably wouldn't get two miles away without being pulled over.  

Bike helmets and knee pads for kids riding bikes.....I never wore them, nor did any of my friends or siblings.  We scraped our knees and skinned our elbows and not once did the county coroner have to be called.  To be really honest, there was a kid in our neighborhood who wore a helmet and knee pads because of his mother's insistance and Boy Oh Boy! did he get picked on at the local playground for it.

I can vividly remember riding up front with  my father, without  seatbelt on and when I was really small, I remember standing up on the front seat of the car while he drove.  Nope.  Didn't die then either.  

I played Spin The Bottle with my friends every day in the summer.  I never contracted mono, strept throat, hepatits C and I lived to tell about it.

If you had a best friend, you became 'Blood Brothers" (or sisters) by pricking your index fingers and mixing your blood.  A small but important, private little ceremony to solidify your friendship. No death or disease to speak of.

We knew how to play.  A rainy day was a disaster because we had to stay in the house.  Now, kids have their video games and gadgets to occupy them and now parents have to beg them to go outside.  That really does sadden me.

We didn't go on family vacations that included thousands of dollars, air fare and passports.  Families would put their children in their pj's before loading up in the station wagon to head off to the drive-in.  Or, my mother would fry chicken and make potato salad in the evening to pack a picnic for the following day when we would all go fishing and swimming at the state park that was close by.  There were no car seats, no hand sanitizer, no disinfectant, sunscreen or video games.  We had the radio, our parents, our siblings  and the smell of that fried chicken coming from the back of the car. 

Things were so much simpler when I was young. You feared getting home after the street lights came on because you knew you would be in trouble. We didn't fear germs, worry about sickness, disease and unsanitary conditions.  Well, that's not entirely true.  There was one thing that worried us kids.  Getting the 'cooties'.  Now that was something to worry about!
joyceluvsjames joyceluvsjames
46-50, F
Nov 26, 2012