The Dream Agenda

Do you know that you only think thoughts other men have mad for you? You may call it ancient wisdom, the bible, advertisement, cool. But it not yours; it is what you have been led to believe.  There is no left wing.  There is no right wing.  There is only power.  They fed you the bottle of ideologies and you pay to believe in a God, a greater good, a world order.  It doesn't what you believe; only that you believe. You have been slave on a prison planet, dreaming that you are free.  The true aim of your masters is to keep you asleep.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

It's said that original thought doesn't exist; everything's recycled.

I agree, are you relating to one of my recent post? Glad you agreed with me... Yes We're being Hoodwink, by The Liberal Agenda throught the mass media which they control. Again, "If We Control What each American read, see & learn through our schools agenda news reporting we will spin the truth to what we want the truth to mean. We will dumb down theses Americans thru there own media viewing. Like giving childrens candies with NO Substance.

We will turn them into consumers with much debt, and raise their taxes little by little while telling them to keep up with the jones. Turning their minds more on hollywood, sexual programing, while taking their rights away through Executive Order and passing laws which ***** these american of there rights & liberties". Shhhhhhhh, Keep this under your hats my liberal friends. We will cause theses Americans to surrender without firing a shoot. "TO LIBERALS... HIGH HITLER"

This is what our elected official subscribe to! And most of all when someone exposes their plans & agenda, you liberal {whom you think you know it all} called us racial right wings! When the truth, yes I said the truth is right there in your FACE!! But you are blind by your own RHETORIC which the forces whom agenda is to destroy theses United States!