Missed Call

well my girlfriend was calling me and i could.not find the phone and then she left this nice message and i was so depressed i miss her call and sow i try calling her back and she would not answer my call when i tryed to call her back my girl is sweet caring and very conpasionet
i love her i try to call her on monday and see if she aswer my call and i can,t wait till monday so i can talk to her and caren haves a smile that i just can,t be sad her voice arouse me and me and her are pefeclt for eanchother. she and i haved a break up in the past but we moved on from that and made up with eanchother she mines and i,am hers missing her call cause she called out of the blue so i wanted to see her mybe we go have a panic our kiss in the flowers we so in love my only worries are that she might break my heart again and . and i can talk to her for hours on the phone we can talk about everything she my teddybear and i,am
her kitten and we do everything together we went to a rommatic movie together and sometimes
we apart i so happy we did not stay broken up i like to read romance books and she likes to work in her garden and hanging out with our friends and me and her like to do things apart but mostly lately we been me and caren so. my teddybear is away right know and i,am home with the kids and i,am fine we went to the libary me and the kids so it like i,am thinking of her my teddy bear.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012