Love Is A Danger.

As she sat looking out her window into the gloomy december morning she had come to realise her mistakes and Knew her life wouldn't be the same the words "No love" carved into her arm running with soft red goo as she sat in her old brown rocking chair wrapped in a blanked made of soft fibers she had come to tell herself " I can't believe I fell for him!" bursted out of her soft lipstick stained mouth ... The memory of him pinning her down to the cold hard ground in an abandoned barn struck her memory like lightning the pain could never be replaced and now with that ... How would her old fragile mother gonna react what will the doctors do ! The thoughts burnt her brain like fire and gasoline hoping this was all just a dream she could awake from soon. It was to real it really happened all because of the evol Love that people believe is real.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Dec 14, 2012