Aaron's Blues...

ZOOM!!!!!! The ball was coming at me faster than a speeding bullet. I tried to get a better grip my bat, but my hands were far too saturated.
Panicking, I did the only thing I could think of at the time: I ducked out of the deathball's way.
Dan caught the ball in his worn out catcher's mitt. I could tell through the frame of his helmet that he was infuriated at me.
Dan took off his helmet and said, "Congratulations Aaron: you're a natural-born sissy."
"C'mon Aaron, can you hit the ball just once? My arm is about to fall off from all this throwing!" Kyle exclaimed.
I knew I was going to regret it, but I did nothing to stop the smile that burst across my lips. This was followed by Dan slapping me across the face.
The reason I smiled was because even though Dan and Kyle are brothers, it's impossible to tell that they are related.
Kyle is 11 and has big, black curly hair and big, black eyes. He likes to tease me a lot, but unlike Dan his teasing isn't meant to be taken seriously.
Dan is 18 and has the same black eyes as Kyle, but his hair is straggly and beyond greasy. Pimples, zits, blackheads and etc thrive on his greasy, unwashed face.
For reasons still unknown, Dan has a massive grudge against me. The number of insults he has thrown at me could fill an entire phone book.
"Hey sissy, I need to give you some advice."
"What is it this time Dan? Are you gonna call me a loser, dweeb, or something new?"
"C'mon, you know your big, buddy Dan a lot better then that."
I gave Dan a skeptical look.
"OK, fine. All I wanted to say was that you should imagine the ball is someone you hate. That way you can hit it with more force."
"Thanks for the advice. I'll imagine that the ball is you."
Dan gave me his famous you-are-so-dead smile. If he ever gives you this smile, than pain is inevitable. His fists are going to have a LOOOOONG conversation with your face.
"Just hit the ball this time, sissy." Dan said with the same maniacal grin. He got back into catcher position.
As determination coursed through my veins, I gripped my bat once more.
I knew that I had this one in the bag. I'm going to send that ball flying and nothing, I mean NOTHING could stop me!!!!!!
"Go, Aaron! You can do it! Go Aaron!"
The girl cheering for me was Kate. Kate is 16 years old and has the same big, black eyes as her brothers and long, black luscious hair. The sunlight reflecting off of it made it look like angel's hair. Her teeth were the pinnacle of perfection, beauties that no dentist could ever dream of replicating.
I loved her like crazy since I first saw her 5 years ago. I know that a 16 year old goddess would never date an 8 year old boy, but a boy can dream, can't he?
My hands became a gazillion times more saturated than before, causing the bat to slip out of my hands. I was so focused on Kate's beauty that I didn't notice the deathball zooming right at me.
The deathball hit me right in the forehead. I fell back-first onto the ground, hanging onto the edge of consciousness.
When my eyes regained focus, Dan was standing over me. The same maniacal smile was spread across his lips as he said, "Did the sissy get hit in the head too hard? This serves you right for being such a loser at baseball!!!!"
Kate slapped Dan's face with enough force to make him fall to the ground. Her face was blood red and she put both hands on her hips.
"You have to be kidding. You just made fun of a kid who might have suffered a severe concussion. You're ABSOLUTELY pathetic Daniel."
Kate is the only person I know that can call Dan by his full name and not be instantly ripped to shreds.
Kate grabbed my hand and led me to her car. Her pillow soft hand made it impossible for me not to blush.
"C'mon Kyle, we're leaving!" Kate said through gritted teeth.
Kate led me to her SUV. When Kyle and I got in the back and Kate almost closed her door, Dan came running over.
Kate didn't hesitate. She got out of the car and kicked Dan in his "soft spot" with enough force to make him scream like a fire truck siren in agony.
After giving Dan what he deserved, Kate walked back to her car with a triumphant grin. Kate got in the driver's seat and we were off in no time.
I could only think of one thing as we were driving away: She is SOOOOO gorgeous when she's angry!!!! :D
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Very good beginning, introduction of characters and build up for the plot. I am now wanting to know what happens next.

Keep working at it. Remember, you can edit your stories on EP if you later feel they need improvement. Glad to know you have other instalments. I will look them up. :)

Its my fav from all your stories im waiting to see what happens next:)

You think it's that good? Thanks Lizion!

Yup!!:) and call me Liz or lizi ;/ I'm wanna see the next part:o