Miss You

well it been five years and i can still feel your pain of when you left me and the memory still lives
on in my mind i miss you badly and i wish you would come back to me remmber when you said
you allways be their and you would never leave me and hymen you left i miss you alot and i feel
like i,am trying to hold on to those memories of the good times we shared it was 2009 when he raped me and i was bleeding tearing hymen and i will allways miss you but know you in heaven
and god said i should let you go and i can,t but i,am tearing and i feel like you whrere supposed to be their but i,am twenty five know i waited for you and i can,t wait anylonger hymem

you whrere allways my friend and i can,t lose you and my hymen you whrere allways their when i was a child and then i was raped the loss and geif of loseing you the way i feel is like
i want you back miss you and i feel like you are their know with me i can feel your pain i want
to your grave today and i put your favorite flowers on your grave stone red roses and i feel like

you are my memorioes of my past and i will never forget you because it was not ment to be this way i wann,t ment to lose youand i was so young and i,am not a vurgin any more but i feel
like your still with me in memory your allways going to be with me goodbye though till in heaven
we meet again.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013