The Camp

A bus stops at a camp. Kids start running out. Groups are formed and split up to grab their stuff. A female leader takes her group to their cabins. She tells them to go ahead with the other leader. She sees one of her members trying to get his bag but is tied to ropes. She walks over and asks if she can help but the boy denies her help. She gives him a smile and tells him to let her try please in a sweet voice. He gives it to her and she simply unties his bag from the rope. He dazes into her beauty as she passes his bag back to her. He feels a warm gush of red cross his face and notices that he is blushing. Grabs his bag and looks down. " My name is Fred." he finally managed to say. Thank you for the help.
The leader notices his struggle and tells him, " Hi Fred. My name is Leila and I am your leader. So how about we go and catch up with the others and get ready for lunch."

Cafeteria- "Sloppy Joe, one of the worlds best grub for camp yeah Alfred." His friend looks up with a slob Joe on his face. Saying yep dude its the meal of all meals when camping.
Their leader passes by and Fred watches as she is serving the food. He drools and Alfred punches him in the shoulder. " Ouch!!! What was that for!?!?!?" Alfred wipes his face and says, " Cause your checking out our leader!!!" Fred calms Alfred down and tells him about his bag incident. Alfred eats his Joe at the climax of the story and gulps at the story. He swallows hard. Alfred says, Man your in deep dude." Fred looks down at his food and picks it up and says I know." Fred stuffs his face
Leila looks and he smiles with the food in his face and she laughs and keeps walking. Fred looks at Alfred and Alfred points at his mouth. Fred wipes his mouth and bangs his head on the table.

Bedtime-Okay group its time to get ready for bed now lets get our stuff and go to the cabins. Passing cabin by cabin Fred notices each group has a unique design on the cabins door. Fred asks Leila." Ummm excuse me but whats with the doors?" Well Fred you see each year when members come down they have a symbol they like to leave and each year has a unique place to where they leave their mark. After camp is over you guys will get a chance too. She gives Fred a wink and Alfred pulls him to the back of the group. " Did you just see that!!! She winked at you." Fed stops and is in shock

To be continued......... Or not
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Jan 12, 2013