The Camp 2

Morning time-
****-a-doodle-doo......... ****-a-doodle-doo!!!!!
Someone turn off the alarm. ****-a-doodle-doo Fred rolls and falls out of his bed. Ouch!! He rubs his head and goes to the bathroom. Passing all the cabins, he finally managed to find the bathroom. He goes inside and notices a girl is taking a shower. He stops and wonders who it could be. All of a sudden the voice is coming out of the girls bathroom like heavenly music swaying with the wind. Fred suddenly recognizes the voice and says, " Its Leila!!!" He quickly ran back to the cabin. Wondering what should he do. Should he finally tell her. He calculated all the right ways to better get her attention. Finally he remembered he had to go to the bathroom so he ran to the woods and came back relived but with a plan.

Alfred. Alfred. Fred shakes Alfred and yells, " ALFRED!!!." Still the sleepy mummy shall not awaken. Fred tried water, pushing him off the bed but was unable to, he took a blow horn but then put it back. The smell of breakfast was dancing on Fred's nose and had an idea. Alfred breakfast is almost done. Shot red eyes pop out in an angry bull looking for the color red. Alfred grabs Fred and runs with him to get to the breakfast until he noticed while running that everybody just started getting up. Alfred stops near the bathroom and drops Fred on the ground. Alfred says," what the heck are you scaring me like that?!?!?! You know I dont like missing a meal!!! Sorry Alfred but I have a plan to make her notice me. I am finally going to use my popularity for a good reason I promise. Alfred rolls his eyes and says okay first lets get ready. An hour passed and everyone was sitting in the cafeteria.
Fred winks to Alfred and gets up to go to his leader. He walks shaky but manages to calm himself. Hi ummm Good Morning Leila. His leader turns around hair swinging to the side like the northern lights. Fred was quickly memorized with her beauty that he imagined her giving him a kiss but before his imaginary dream was about to happen, Leila was shaking her hand in front of his face. Fred are you okay. He shook his head and said he was fine. She smiles and asked him again, So Fred in her cheery smile, How may I help you? Well said Fred I was wondering if I can be of any help. Leila was thinking and had an excellent idea pop in her head. Okay Fred could you follow me to the kitchen? Fred wonders why but wont let his mind imagine any more. He quickly nods yes and follows. they passed threw peoples and finally maniged to get to the kitchen.
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Jan 12, 2013