The Camp 3

Okay is everyone done eating? Kids screams YES!!!! okay are you guys ready to have some fun? YES!!! shouts all the kids.
First we need to get in our groups so everyone go with your leader. Come on Alfred says Fred as he pulls him to Leila. Time to continue the mission. The boys looked into each others eyes and made sure the other kids understand the issue. So 2 girls went in the front and the rest around Fred and Alfred while the other boys positioned themselves around the group. Leila becoming suspicious looks, until they finally managed to reach the beach. Every awws at the amazing view. Everyone except Fred who tries to hide the fact that hes staring at Leila. Alfred slaps him in the face and tells him to focus. Okay group today we get the beach and so what would you guys like to do. The kids looked at each other and said all at once," SURFING!!! Everyone runs in the sand taking off their clothes and into their swim suit. Leila laughs and says okay lets go swimming. She take her shirt off and Fred drools as he sees a goddess unwind. Wearing swim shorts and a bra. Okay lets get in the water, without a hesitation fred took his shirt off and ran in. Everyone grabbing a board and getting ready to start surfing. Music playing and smiling as Fred is swimming in the water watches as Leila is helping kids learn so he swam to them and listened. Next thing the later he was volunteered to be the first to catch the wave for the group. Everyone cheering and Alfred telling his secret to everyone saying that he is the best surfer and Leila becomes impressed. Fred is embarrassed but seeing the look on Leila's face he grabs a board and paddles out.

The big wave-
Fred paddles hard out and sits on the board. Breathing in all the salt of excitement being strummed like a guitar with a solo. He becomes the hunter and the waves his prey. Looking with eager eyes relaxes and see a big one. Starts paddling back and later picked up with the wave like a baby in a mother's arm. He glides in the water making it to the top as everyone cheers, he sees Leila smiling while clapping with the others. Fred makes sure no one notices as he winks at Leila and dives in the wave going in the worm hole of water touching the sides and comes out threw the other side like hero who saved the day. Everyone cheering and Fred calls everyone to come catch a wave with him. Leila grabs a board and starts paddling near Fred and later they become the head of the surfers leading them to victory. They swam and swam until one by one each camper got out and as planned by Fred made sure the last two were Leila and him. Step 4 make sure they are alone is in place. He swims next to Leila and thanks her for being their leader. Leila saw that they were the last two so she leaned next to Fred and gave him a kiss. Fred touched his face and his face was turned to a red that was so hot the water would boil if his face was in the water. He looks at her and she says to him," I've been seeing the way you look at me and that wink you tried to hide." She smiled and told him, Freddy you are really cute but I am your leader so it would be unprofessional for me to date my campers. Fred hanged his head down and looked up at her and got an idea. People dont have to know and as you can see I can hide things very well so how about it. Fred looked in her eyes and he gave her a face that no one would say no to. Leila whispered in his ear and said, Meet me in at the bench near this beach at 3 in the morning and ill give you my answer but first lets go its time for lunch.
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Jan 12, 2013