The Haunting Past

well it all started a year back ago and i was walking home from school and it was i hourd someone walking behind me i took a short cut through the woods and i could hear twings and branches brealking i started walking faster and i got nevouse that i was alone so then i was allmost to my house and it was just a block away then i felt someone grab me i sreamed and i
could not get away then he said amy you are so pretty how do you know my name i so you befor
and i realy like you. and it was day time so i could see everthing around me but i was when i sreamed no one was around he said you can give me what i want our i will hurt you amy i was realy sceared sow i said what do you want your body and he kissed me and said i will let go if you promince not to ecsape i promice say any sow he would let of me then i ran and he ran after me and then i fell and i tryed to get up i did not want to know what he hade in mind for me
then my ankle was hurting so bad i could not stand on it then i tryed to crawl amy amy i could hear his voice calling me name and i cryed i think my ankle broken. so he found me and said you are sunch a bad girl you promice you would not run away i,am sorry i said with tears in my eyes he started un doing his pants know you get punished for that i was crying plesaea don,t rape me i,am a vurgin he said bad girls need to get pusished my cheeks wet from crying then he was naked in front of me and i could see everthing i was a vurgin i said agin. then he said take off your counths amy i fought hem he beat me no he repeated he command and i took of slowy and
he touch me and i felt dirty and then he said you have nices breast he suck my little pink nipples
realy hard and i cryed i could not stop crying and then he got on top of me and kissed me like a lover. and i was so in another world in my mind, close your eyes amy i could feel his penise tearing my hymen i was bleeding i did what he said i just wanted it to be over with and then he raped me for what seemed like hours kissing me tounching me and i my pevic was so soar from the rough sex suck me ***** he forsed down my throat till i all most gang on his penise
then he was touching me and said you are a vurgin i believed i,am you i,am your frist .
my niples soar and red and bleding pevic i sreamed out when he raped me i said no stop owa you hurting me, but that did not make him stop did make the pain go away eitheir.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013