My Future Ex Wife

I have always been one to see the impending doom in things. I believe that pessimism is the way to go if you want to keep your sanity.She was just another smoker standing outside of the Village Idiot, the trendy New York Dive in the West Village,  as I was about to enter.  She blew smoke in my face and then asked me for a light.  She stamped out the old cigarette and immediately produced a new one.  She gave me a hopeful look.  I neither smoke or like those who do,but she was hot.  Had I believed in heaven at that moment, I would have known it was between her legs.  Right then and there I knew what our future lives played out before me. I saw the laughs, the romance, the hot sex, the silly phone conversations, the hot sex, the fabulous wedding, the two years of hot sex, the arguments,  the disappointment, the cold sex, the fights, and then no sex.  All of this leading to our inevitable divorce, the inevitable flames burning up our beautiful moment together.  I told her no, I did not have a light and invited her in for a drink.  She smiled a heart warming smile as I held the door for her.  Ah what sweet music life can be.
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Good title, good idea. Shame about the sentence, 'She blew smoke in my face and then asked me for a light.

That was good!


OMG I love it !