Engraved Headstones

i was not ready to say goodbye to you and their was sow munch to say befor you go up above into heaven no one understands me when i say i miss you like you whrere my friend and i wanna say that i loved you dearly hymen you wil be for ever missed and i will not give up trying to find out who raped me to loss you engraved headstones are at this cemetery and the dead bodies are souls of someones eles lost loved ones i put your favorite flowers in the vaces beside you headstone red roses and you look down from heaven and smile at me while i sit their and talk for

a while you whrere allways their when i was achild i guse i could face when you whrere truly gone
people don,t understand the relationship we shared together when you where their with me and
i,am feeling lke when they do understand that i be able to let go of that hold you have on me hymen you are allways going to be miss i loved you so munch so this is a litle story i wanted to say to you about that time we where at that beach and you said i was allways going to remember this and i do i will never forget you and the engraved headstones are so many lost

loved ones and the time we where at smaules and he wanted me to have sex with hem i said no
i thought of loseing you and i wated to wait till i was married i guse that dose not matter any one cause your truly gone and i,am feeling like you are in heaven know and i miss you you allways have a place close to my heart when you decide to come back and you are no longer

this geif i been holding for years i have to let you go.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013