The Camp 4

Fred watched as he saw his heart being pulled by a chain. Watching as every move Leila made, hurt as he must wait for two answers. Hoping of course the possibility of her saying yes would be 99.9999999%. But like anyone else would, he still looked at the water and remembered about that 1%. He thought over and over his situation. He swam back to land making sure no one, not even Leila would know his frustration. Fred...... Fred.....FRED!!!! Fred look up from the sand seeing his best friend Alfred. His friend came with a smile until he sensed the depression in Fred's face. "What happened Fred?" said Alfred. Did something go wrong with the plan? Fred shook his head and looked at his friend and told him that Leila wanted to meet him. Alfred just looked at him with a confused or more like dumb founded look and said," Okay so whats the problem." Fred went red in less then 3 seconds and grabbed a stick. Started drawing on the sand as if it were his canvas and the sticks were his brush. Each stroke pouring out his anger of frustration. He quickly took his frustration on such a master piece that Alfred was not able to see the image on the ground so he went to a bench and climbed on top. Alfred's eyes went huge as he saw Fred drop next to an image of the word "WAITING" in flames. Alfred hopped down and picked up his friend. They walked to the cabin with their heads hanging down.
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Jan 16, 2013