The Boy.

So... I wrote this after it was found out that I was in love (and with) two girls at the same time. Call it whatever you want to.

The boy sat straddling an old fence, a fence that he knew well - this was HIS fence. The grass, once tall and very green was dying on both sides of him faster than he thought possible. It just so happened, that the boys attachment, his bond with this field was so strong that the longer that he was not on the ground, the faster everything around him withered. Here begins his problem, the boy cannot decide which side of the fence to jump to. He wants to go home, seeing everything dying had scared him... But something inside of him tells him to run, just run until he finds a place where the grass is still tall and green, a place where he can hide. He had destroyed this place, he no longer has the right to call it home. All of this information pours into his mind in the time it takes him to exhale. The boy is somehow shocked by all of this, and loses his balance. Not sure which side of the fence he had fallen to, the disoriented boy runs blind.

Then comes the rain.

Without warning, massive amounts of water dropped from the sky, soaking the boy almost instantly. This sudden downpour clears his vision, but the minor relief this provided him is destroyed as he surveys his surroundings. He is lost. As lost as he could be... So the boy wanders. The rain never stops, not even as his hours here turn into days, and then weeks, the rain never stops. It is the only constand in this new world, the one thing he knows will be there, for better or worse. Memories of home flood the boys mind, he longs for that comfort, that love, that warm feeling in his chest that he had taken for granted and then lost - Deservingly. He tries desperatly to find a way back, only to get more lost in the process.

One day, the boy accepts that he can never go back home - he breaks down. Tears mix with raindrops falling from his face and he screams one last time, begging his home to find him - though he knows that will never happen - it was just all he could do. Finally accepting his fate, the boy sits... Not even attempting to hide from the rain. His head tilts back, allowing the water to hit his face.

He dreams of home often, though he wishes that he didn't. The complete euphorie from the dream just makes it that much more difficult to wake up. After dreaming of home, of the tall grass bowing in the wind, the boy feels more lost than ever. Looking back - he cannot even remember what made him climb that fence in the first place. The only emotion he feels now is hate. Hate for himself and his new surroundings.

So... I've never been able to finish it, guess I need to live that next chapter in my life before I can write it. I know this little story isn't great, but I wrote it a long time ago and it came from a broken heart.
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I disagree. I think it is a great story! The boy on the fence is a brilliant metaphor for the consequences of lack of complete love and emotional commitment. Keep writing.

Thank you :)

he must not hate..his past..

bit confusing

Understandable. :) That one was for me.... But I wanted to share it either way. The fence is where I was, either side was a different girl, when I couldn't choose I lost both. So... I ran around blind for a while.

In happens..that you love two people simultaneously..and it makes you confused..time pass by..and you lose them..what lingers ...regret ..but that too fade away..

aaghhh! I was actually a little confused too until I read this. So yeah, getting involved with two woman at one time pretty much guarantees hurt & heart break. I'm glad you got through it & realize that its not the best choice to make :) Enjoyed the read, but next less confusing lol. I totally see where you was trying to go with it.with the whole fence thing and dying grass etc just make it understandable next time :) Thanks for sharing though <3