A Special Place Written By A 13 Year Girl

I can imagine the shore as walk down. I can see all the crabs, the cliffs, the rocks, the heather, and  the grass. But most of all when visualize this place I don't see anything. I feel something special.  
As you walk along the rocky ocean floor, you feel peace. There is no one around and no noise. Just the sound of the quiet waves hitting the rocks. The water is cold and dull. It is full of seaweed, starfish and crabs. As you walk along the floor of the ocean you have to watch your footing for uneven rocks and crab shells. There are small cliffs from where the water usually is. The tops are filled of grass. The fundy  tide is out. It is an adventure walking along the floor of the ocean. There's beach heather and seaweed everywhere. The ocean goes on as you look around. You are at ovens head beach. There are any oyster shells and little sticks. If you keep on walking on the ocean floor you will get the island that is usually surrounded by water. It is small but it's filled with pines and wonder. There are no paths it is almost deserted except for the beer bottles that litter it. It is surrounded by large rocks filled with tons of seaweed and mini sea pools. As you walk along the floor of this dark mysterious beach you will be filled with wonder and astonishment of its dark beauty and sense of calmness and serenity. This is ovens head beach. This is a place were you find ocean items, find your future and find yourself. It is a special place. It is home for some people but it is serenity to me. It's a future for some people but, it's always a place I want to be. What is ovens head beach? It's an adventure every single year I visit. It's a place that never gets old. A place filled with new adventures each time. You feel different every time you walk along the ocean floor. But there is one thing I feel every single time I explore this place. That feeling is my dad. When I walk on the shore I feel the presence of my dad in my heart and soul. You can tell he is there. It's his special place. It's mine too. He used to go as a child just like I did. Since its his special place when he passed away we threw his ashes into the ocean so every time we go we know he is there.  We know he is happy in our special place. When you visit the beach you feel a stronger connection,you feel at peace, like you have been washed away from all the things you have done. You feel acceptance. You have not care in the world as you explore this place just like he did. The world goes cold, the world goes happy,the world goes still, gets stuck in thought You get filled with emotion as you walk along the rocks. This is the definition of how a special place makes you feel. You grow as you explore this beach. It provokes feelings emotion and thought. Thought about the world. Thought about love, happiness,anger,hurt,sadness, but overall it makes you feel fulfilled of everything. We collect his special flowers and plant them in his garden.  A place can be special. This place definitely can. A place is a memory stored in a box. Every time you open it up you relive the feelings of the beach. You picture yourself walking down the beach, smelling the ocean,feeling the wind at your back and the emptiness of someone very special who should have lasted longer. You feel the need to go there again. And until you are standing in that special place again you will have and emptiness in your heart.
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Jan 22, 2013