The Day I Got You Back

As I Potter around in the kitchen wondering what I need to do next I hear the door go. The knock is very light and I just think it is some kids or something knocking at the wrong house. I walk to the door a bit annoyed as I have now forgotten what I needed to do next but begin to open the door. Standing there was someone I had not seen in a very long time, my mouth drops my heart racing as my belly turns in to millions of butterflies. I am speechless, every hair on my body is alert and up, I get this tingly feeling running though my body and I feel like I want to cry with happiness. I still stand there which feels like forever, not saying a word until she say’s *well you going to invite me in or what*. Her voice I have missed her adorable eyes I have missed, her hair that looks so perfect I have missed. I stutter unable to get my words out feeling so stupid I just nod and step back and gesture for her to come in. Everything is going through my head, why is she here, does she feel all what I am feeling right now. I can feel the tears as I gulp hard to fight them off, I just want to grab her and never let her go but it has been so long I don’t know how she would react to that. I close the door and turn to her and smile hoping the smile wasn't too much, I don’t want her to see how happy I am right now, how my whole insides are jumping with joy, my soul finally reunited with its other half begging to come out to join with hers. I walk to the kitchen feeling her walk behind me and I finally let out some words, hoping she heard me because my voice feels like it’s going on me. I pull a chair out *sit down if you want* I say. She smiles again; I wish she wouldn't do that because it makes me go so weak. As she sits down I ask if she wants a cup of tea as I put the kettle on. I just don’t know what to do with myself, I notice I am shaking; my hands can barely grab the cups’. I try and avoid her eyes because I feel like a school kid, I feel like I want to giggle because I am now so nervous. Then she speaks her voice ever so soft and quiet *it has been a while* she giggles *I have missed you so much*. I can feel my face burn up, I gulp so hard it hurts, my body is aching for her embrace now, and it needs to feel her again. I go to turn around and she is in front of me, I jump because I was not expecting it, my whole body is shaking now. I can smell her perfume it is the one she always use to wear when we was together, her cheeks have gone a rosy red colour now and our breathing is in rhythm. She reaches out her hand and places it on my right cheek; it is so cold from where she had been out in the cold but soon warms up with the heat off my cheeks. My mouth has gone completely dry now my heart racing our eyes locked. As she moves closer I close my eyes and embrace the moment, her other arm grabs my waist and pulls me towards her so gently. I can feel her breath on me now; it is so warm against my lips. My body still trembles in her gentle grip, a single tear falls from my eye and land’s on her hand that is still placed on my cheek. Now I can feel her lips on my, they are so soft and warm as she brush’s them against mine in a teasing way. I play with her lips too; I remember we use to do this all the time. We both open our mouths in sync as our tongues meet, she taste so sweet and her mouth is so moist compared to mine. Our tongues swirl together for a while, still in sync with each other knowing how each other work’s. We both stop and kiss each other on the lips we still know what the other wants and what the other person is going to do. I fell her pull away and open my eye’s quickly to make sure it was not a dream and it wasn't she still stand’s there, her smile beaming at me, her hand wiping the tears that fall from my green eyes. I had waited for this day for so long and it has finally happened.
BrokenAngel35 BrokenAngel35 31-35, F Feb 9, 2013

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