A Legend In Our Own Mind

He plunged the sword deep into the earth before him as if to make a declaration of fortitude. Its weight had grown heavy in his arms. The blade had known many battles dented and scratched, steel mixed with crimson and flesh. It was no stranger to combat. The man who wielded such a weapon was forged from the same fire and elements that it was crafted from, in character and strength. Sweat mixed with blood trickled from his stern jaw line. He just clinched his teeth and growled a bit under his breath. He looked forward at the carnage of brave souls who fought valiantly for king and country. Suddenly a soft voice from behind, drew him back. It was his wife. “Oh, honey…it looks like you cut yourself shaving again. Would you like a bandaide?”
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

ha ha, love the way this tale draws one into the world of fantasy, into the mind of a true warrior - a man of the sword.... only to end with a seriously hilarious moment :) Cant stop giggling !!