She ran out of the cave, a bow at her side. She was going out to hunt. She ran through trees, over rocks, and over rivers. She made sure not to go too far. She caught sight of a deer and took aim. Pulling an arrow off of her back and drawing the bow back with it. She let the arrow fly and it hit the deer straight through the heart. She went up to it and confirmed it's death. Right as she was about to take it back to the cave and cook it, she caught sight of a dragon. A dark blue luminescent dragon who's body was battered and bloody. She walked up to him slowly but he snarled at her and began to talk in draconic language
"Itrewic spical munthrek!"
She was taken aback but soon responded "Tir ti kiwieg threatened, do not feel threatened. Si huven ekess letoclo, I wish to help."
The dragon stared "Wux renthisj wer xianalre di sia xiekivi?"
She nodded, "Tir wux renthisj wer xanalre di sini? Can you speak the language of mine?"
He shook his head slowly, "Si ergiff kampiun coi, shar si shilta ti renthisj coi."
She nodded, "Good, it is difficult for me to speak in that tongue. Please, can I help you?"
He nodded slightly. She then helped him to her cave, the deer on his back. She lay him down on the stone and checked his body. His wings remained unharmed, but the rest of his body was bloody. She washed him off gently and treated his wounds. "You must leave swiftly. My father does not take kindly to any in his home."
He stared at her "Wux re di sia xiekivi re wux ti? Si tira ti ocuir coi ghoros, shar si shilta ocuir coi persvek wux jaka."
She nodded, "My father is a dragon yes."
"Vur dout dask?"
"....I do not know my mother..."
She finished treating his wounds and he soon left her. He came back many times to bring her food and on occasion, water as well. She became closer with this dragon, but after her father's death, she ran away from the cave, and despite the male dragon's seeking, he had not been able to find her. He only hoped they could meet again, meet and become one once more.
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Feb 15, 2013