Was It Merely A Dream?

I gazed out across the harbor. Its water caps glistened like diamonds, as the sun danced across the surface. I felt the wooden deck of the peer beneath my bare feet. I stretched and wiggled my toes as if to lay claim to my surroundings. The salty breeze of the ocean met my face. The seagulls and other sounds orchestrated the event. The ocean air filled my lungs and lifted my spirit upon the landscape of the moment. As I dare to traverse across the scenic event of pillowed sails of an ocean of invading boats, their occupants challenged the emergence of waves. They boasted in victory against the retreat of its advances. The turquoise sky against the surroundings cradled the moment in time as it hesitated to let it go. As I awoke from the fading dream, the sheets of my bed lay hold to my reality. I mustered up the strength to maneuver into my wheelchair. The cold steel frame of my existence mocked my inclinations and laughed at this caged canary. I navigated to the window of my room, and stared out the window for a moment questioning the reality of the experience. Tears trickled from my cheeks, as I attempted to brush them from my night shirt; the coarseness of sand was felt beneath my fingers. Had I really experienced it or was it just a dream?
CounselorDan CounselorDan
46-50, M
Feb 16, 2013