Where Demons Sleep

She wakes up in a cold sweat, head spinning, breathing rapidly. Soon, the nightmare is wiped from her mind as a new fear lurks. She feels the hard steel under her body. The chill is hardly restrained by her thin, sky blue nightshirt. She sits up wearily, shaking uncontrollably. Weak as a newborn baby. Her vision is blurred and tainted by sleep, though as her eyes focus, she begins to make out her surroundings. Through a grand, stained window, she can see the sky that surrounds the building reveals a crimson blood shade and the sun is nowhere to be found. The air smells of smoke and mothballs. She is strewn across a large table that is meant to hold heavy machinery, not a troubled fifteen year old girl. The room around her is a white so bright that it is painful to the eyes. It has 5 walls with the window consuming an entire wall, and a large oakdoor absorbing another. Clearly locked. And that is all there is to see.
Shakily, she wipes a long, sweaty strand of hair from her face. She was a truly beautiful girl with pixy features, and bright blue eyes with a brilliant copper surrounding the pupil. Platinum blonde hair and skinny enough to disappear behind a tree. She’d be the dream of any worthy male, but she has a dark heart and an occupied mind. She’s an outcast. She copes with life by shutting out the world and handling pain in silence. No one will notice she is not home. Not even on earth any more. The room she is trapped in, while she has never been there, is completely familiar to her. Through her nightmares. Through old drawings withering to nothing in her moldy basement back home. Through fairy tales. But now shes here, and it’s very real. And she is unwelcomed. This is where the Black Demons sleep. Where they dream. The hell-bringers of body and mind. They feed off fear and are tortured by love. So she, Raven Taeyis in very bad luck. Then the oak door creaks open and Midnight itself steps in.
A wicked smile forms through the features of the creature. It crawls on hands and feet towards the frightened girl. She supposes she should attempt to get away but she is immobilized. Her logic has gone askew as she watches the completely unmanly creature scurry at her. It’s sickly grey skin is stretched across substance thinner than a human bone . A large gash is open deep inside where a lung should be. A strange purple substance seeps from it and drips to the floor. The face has no eyes and no nose but instead gaping holes. Worse, it blurs when you try to focus on it too clearly. Now having reached the girl it stands erect, t[h]he wound giving it no discomfort. It smirks, then lends out its so-fragile looking arm and reaches with its long, crooked fingers. It caresses Raven’s cheek. Unbearably slow. Turns its deformed face to Raven. Whispers “Enjoy the screams before the silence.”. She sees a flash of a scene: complete massacre and chaos. Then hears the creature’s wicked laugh. And all too soon she is being drowned in unconsciousness.
ishersmilereal ishersmilereal
18-21, F
Nov 10, 2013