From Somwhere

a kind soft and gentle soul reached out to all before with a perpose and clarity as sweet as life itself, my once colorful garb reduced to pile of rags and my books into fire kindling ,the scarcity of food no longer the topic of debated', now destiny and faith were ever more valid ,and so escapism thrived ,indeed those who farmed bred and packaged it never once went hungry, it wasn't long before a whole mechanism based upon the suffering of others was in full swing ,they mass printed credit notes that one group had to work and fight for  whilst the other well.....just printed it ohhh but that was long before the change see when the continents merged and all currency was outlawed, just before the great culling

people spoke of global peace and harmony  there wa,s a time when you could travel by day and it was legal to grow food and build homes and collect water that's right and the poor could have children ,ha ha and you could leave your home day or night  and roam the streets and lanes,

there used to be forests massive green plants that towered over men and things like a mamal and bird lived in amongst them like ant-pockets

and people lived in groups called family's a bit like nests they would feed themselves and teach themselves  , the last wars have taken man of the surface off earth its a great achievement they've found another planet .....oh no i shouldn't bee talking about this **** that's the door this lines being monitored they've got in aaaaaaaa


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Love it. You've got fantastic style.