the gossip columists nightmare

brenda hutchinson columist for yarn a larg inipenant glossy magazine was in for the shock of her life

obvously papers have to sell and she made no bones about ruening the odd marage ect or prying someone out  of thr closet.

you see she had stumbled on somthing a bit more meaty that the average bingo pratle that you read about in the tabloids what she had doe was to totaly overlooked was the size of her prey

a robust spectical wearing 38 yr old sporting an eightees blond bob

and a times mimiking joana lumly the gal was r]the don king of blab the rich famouse and about to become so were all fair game to her ..she claimed shed got an email from an anonimouse source or so she said saying that th world renowned hipnotist pual blane had a very dodgy past and this soucre had dates names pics video and a price ..

besides the fact that she had lifted the email from one of the junior repoers the cotacts name was allan she spoke on the phone that eavning and left with a note book and recoder and that stupid doctor who scarf
anyhow the next day we were all back in at 6.00am and brenda was at her desk with her coat and scarf still on good morning came out of her near expressioless face i asked her if she was hot in all that stuff.if fine are you she said .i went sraight to asking her about the scoop everyone was waiting to see what shed nabbed i mean the editor was dowstairs with the rest of us and was making his way over to her we made our selves look buzzy brenda he barked what have you got .

got? she replide ...he looked staight at her and said wheres my headline carean on the desk next to her snached her note book and after flicking though the pages said theres nothing here but vthe date and times brenda gazzed ahead as though everthing was a ok they played her recorder the tape was unused she remembered nothing of her meeting
and four thosand pounds cash had gone walkise ok she was given sick leaveand had her wages doct to the sum of four grand somthing about a nervouse breakdown of sorts.. ok thatats where it all starts six month have passed brenda is back at the top of the pecking chainapart from a new cash on desk delivery policy ,thanks to bren you see its thursday about 3 ish and she gets this wird look in her face as shes reading an email we v   all been keepng an eye on her then she walks mince free with a prinout in hand straight to the editoers tray returs to her desk an gose staight back to normal carean took the inititve to look at the print out and there was a four thousond pund holiday booked in bredas nane carean blurted out the hypontist and whwn she said his name pual blane brenda started to coffess every sin transgression shame and guilty secret shed ever harboured every secret fantacy and sick thought not one person in that office told her to stop theye all sat around taking notes the followig day her name was the one thing on everyboys lips


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Fantastic! Love the plot, and the ending. I reckon you could really draw it out into something great.<br />
<br />
You'd have to work on the spelling and punctuation though ;-) I don't mean to offend, but I have to ask: are you dyslexic? It just seems strange that someone who knows words so well has so much difficulty with spelling and stuff.