72 Go

oh gad danny run run thats how the ******* day started popys mum 72 but nacked and locked in my room draging the lastst bit of life out of my monged and raved out sole i thought i was dreaming

run danny run she cride de comin

im like what the **** are you doing and then the door comes crashing in she grabs the duvete and im sat the with my morning glory dont hurt him she crise

6ft 5 old school bastard as natsty as they come takes one look and says thats ******* nasty you sick **** produces a three ft machete and proseeds to **** me about the head with the flat side whilst using his boots to assist my breathing youve got 72 hours you sick twisted bastard i want every penny how could you **** it get back to whatever freakish **** just get my money you know what im more worrid about what he thinsk of me than the  dosh or death ohh her names dot likke on eastenders

ok 72 hours youve heard the story before ohh actualy you havent

dot flusterd i ask if shes ok yes my love she replise with a cheeck smile let he have a look at that o im fine dot by now i have a makshift loin cloth from the sheet how much money do you owe dont worry about it ..

no you dont understand my husband left me a healthy anount of money when he past away to do with as i please

nd dot youve done enough for me already thank you

well i your short for options,,, you have 72 hours im 72 yrs old mabt toghther we can work a little sothing out then she left the room with my duvet winking at the door

i go for my mobile but it seems chez must have crushed it wilst he was sword slaping my head

eyecanbee1 eyecanbee1
36-40, M
Feb 11, 2009