one life............this place is far beyond the tumoil and confusion and destruction that violates all...a prideless selfless  innocence within all spiritual molecular or what ever

this place HERE !is a non-dicript state of infinate magnitude where grace flickres a spark , gentle as  sleeping breath and so  coursing through pathways of sense and flesh and as touch sound and light and reason met the jurney  for reason was set ...and in due time a view was gained ,
the view of all who had done the same ..

at first a storm to set the pace expressing calm care fear and haste

this thunder roared both day and night to the name of wrong and right

this storm is where all thought is born truth

and fact are sorely worn

where self and soul are what one seek amist the  lost and  scared and weak now pride is nothing but a brush to mask the truth that all should trust

you just be you  not them  or us

eyecanbee1 eyecanbee1
36-40, M
Feb 11, 2009