Charmed Im Sure

margret had had enough of enough

she was desparete for company

ashamed of her needs

evniouse of her aqaintaces

truly lonley

she joined a local spa

nothing strange about that

the girls got chating about what was missing in there lives

theresa 53 yrs old the yougest of the brood  sugested a blinkered party

shed been to one before where blindfolded male escorts sporting nothing more than
a **** bow and thong

pamper these ladys already damaged egos

she ageed to participate later that eavning the grey brigade all chiped in to hire the pent house sweet eighteen bottles of champgne and four escorts who thereasa had personaly vetted

theye arived at 7 as planed chamisoles fruit candles and low lights they would call each other by false names

to hell with it she cride whats one night of abandonment

the buzzer went somone said put the lights out

what hapend that night had left such an impression on her she removed a charm from her braclett and pinned it on the jacket of one of the escorts

the next day she went to meet her smily happy daughter who said it coulnt wait they met at
chez gerrard for lunch mummy were getting marride this is steve she was in tottal shock

as the water said how can i help you madam sporting her charm on the botom of his jacket

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