They Have Arived

mancruel a limited carbon based species beyond hope inhabit a small primative h2o abudant bio-spheare in the lost galaxy. One of their kind has atemted and to our knowledge is still vainly persuing the idea that we will in some way promote into our realm with acalade a mancruel which disasociates with ist planets legacy and berates its own kind. it seems they are oblivious to to the absence of falsehood and hold very dear a placebo credit system for which they themselves are prepared to even denie or relinquish there own lives... for now it seems a dicision is eunanimouse  as so many aon dwellers as far as giantion light years away see mancruel to be a hazzard to himself and all life irispective of time or space and in this light you next action or decicion will be suported with the upmost vigor and so your reply is awaited

eyecanbee1 eyecanbee1
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

hmm yep good point ????

I can picture it popping out of an intergalactic fax machine... what happens next?