You What?

nephlin cofesion

you people **** me of with your anti nephlin nibiru hype we are people too earth used to be so great so open minded now you have problems with race sex relidgon and now youve thown hight and spicese in ok carligula took it too far but hey

i used to be a short guy two cells tall to be precise and dna should sut you all up anyhow your all part nephlin now we found a planet full of pigmy tribes from every continent caled elefen aka elves only the male of our kind were sent on missions this you see replicated in many of your sociotes as well as the fact that interbreeding beetween the planets predates any histioys avaiable from the galaxys as we know them to date the unification of thought is the highest level of achivment for any planet and at this the key to the kingdom of heaven is awarded to not just the planet but its solar system or orbital companions

earth as you call it has not as yet been nominated infact it has been a topic of great cocern for some time to say the least colonated by nearly all galaxys it has the atteion of most with conflictong messages coming from your plant life insect reptile glurpic mamal egjiler etc.
how is this poss are you eating each other or somthing the planets themselves comunicate and relay indepht and with insight beyoned complexity


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My friend. I hate to tell you this but you are doomed. You are not really who you say you are, but are just a human battery cell in the giant battery bank the aliens placed you in. No doubt you saw the movie, Matrix. Everything you think is happening is really only a program sent through your brain by the chip implanted in your head. When your battery life is through you will become the entree at one of Commander Pushky's gala affairs, otherwise know as a space alien ****. I have the instructions to remove these chips. Send me a bucket of dollar bills and SASE. Allow ten days for me to sober up and for the instructions to reach you. <br />
Do it now or you might wind up deep fat fried with potatoes all around you.