Not a Cloud In Sight

 walis was a a worm of great charm and charater he had a red and yelow umberela and one a yellow sock and alage purple shoe with a golen buckle and wore a bowler hat with a feather in the band

when it rained it poured

and wallisis home wich incidetaly was in the soil had to be vacated each time it did so

he liked the rain he say ohh looks like rain again nice day for the laundry cups and saucers bowls and spoons

he said the sky was like a big dishwasher and made his life so joyus

then one day he noticed that it hadnt raind for ages and stared to worry about his washing up

he cimlbed to the top of a mole hill tipeetoed and cride aloud ..not a cloud in sight.,

in doing so he woke up malcome mole who was happily hibernating and in a deep deep sleep

whats all the cafuffle cosider youself lucky tha im now a vegetarian ...

sso sorry  said wallis its just that i dont think its going to rain theres not a cloud in sight

ive got a supise for you said malcome ive been blind for yeasrs so i dont even know what a cloud lokks like but i have an exelent nose and may beable to assist hop on my back and ill take you to my biggest hill

wallis took one big leap and of they scuride through lots andlots of earhthy muddy tunnels here we are my bigests ever mole hill they clibed out and up to the top malcome streched his nose into the air his wiskers wiggled an twiched he paused for a moment then cride i dont beleave it i cant smell a drop..

if you dont mind screahced a voice above and there in the tree hanging upsid down hung britny the bat  wat are you two up to making all that raket ..theres not a cloud in the sky ..oand i cant..
 smell a drop ahhh well said britny i cant see a thing and my sense of smell is average but my hearing is unrivaled ok just be quiet for a second wallis and malome looked on eagerly briny laughed what did you hear they asked  she smiled holdig her tummy and said i heard the frogs singing as she said this there was a flash then thunder and mre rain than the forest had seen in many years....

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thankyou its one of my faves too

A beautiful story... so musical. Your characters are fantastic. I really like your endings too, they're always so clever, with just a little twist - or sometimes a big one. You're really quite a writer.