what was that ******* noise beep beep ******* beep and what the **** was that strange dull sense of being that blocked out everything, it was at this point she began to make sense of her surroundings, and aware off the growing discomfort in her back and legs ,unable to move or speak  though panicked beyond thought she tried, not knowing how the hell this happened she wandered if she had been in a car crash or hit by a train, she was on a hospital bed in a small room surrounded by tubes and screens her head steadied by two foam blocks, she search for the nurse alarm but nerarm couldn't move, "is this for life she wondered, her social life and friendships flashed past her, then she saw the date on the small monitor and then on another, her blood chilled, for if this was correct she had aged some fifteen years' she pondered on amnesia and comas etc, beep beep ******* beep she was totally in a world of upheaval and trapped in her own frame,  alone she closed her eyes to steady herself and took a long slow breath it seemed to last forever she could hear voices appearing from nowhere opened her eyes and found herself slumped
at her checkout post on isle 6 she peeled her hair from her now marbled face and forced her eyelids upwards revealing two bloodshot and glazed peepers which  screamed quite distinctly where the **** am i with a hint of Ive been on the town all night .drool on her mouth she peered out of her head to see what resembled a high speed pile up heading a tailback that spanned the length of isle 6 which was now the home of ridicule and beep beep  ******* beep,

the manager a fumbling bumbling but very sensitive to the need of shopper types,  appeared like a genie a semi camp manner "soo sorry folks wel have this sorted in a second   whispering to them poor girl hasn't been too good fora while its her blood sugars..

"OK love you go to the staff room and ill make you a sweet cup of tea...seamlessly he summoned my replacement "Annie leave that for now let tom do that you take isle six cm on then love lets make a move on i was trying to get up and becoming more aware of what i drunk the night before ..things happen in threes right, a jar of sweet pickled herrings as if cued from the wings dose this elaborate topple followed by a steep roll it breaks into a spin as it leaps 1 inch over the conveyor-belts  guide rail only to make that sound of liquid Glass and a now torn paperlable the checkout staff know only too well the manager craned over the ledge and rang that annoying bell "BRINNNNG",
i stood up my head swirling now the smell of the pickle vinegar that incessant beeping plus the pack of waddling hyenas along with  managers clandestine "you've sooo ****** up" glare .i felt as though i was heading though a geriatric lynch mob gauntlet style ...amidst blurts of ooh she doesn't look too well ,,she shouldn't have come in,, beep beep ******* beep ohh my god the pickle i felt the world slip away the cold blurred insular **** off I'm going to be ill state of focused blindness  i looked for an escape route there was none i was trapped and dangerous the first wave past leaped into action i remember climbing over the checkouts and thinking sangria and sambuca never again i must have broken at least one world record because i was now at the automatic doors ..the wrong ones the bald guy with the walking on his trolley  trundles towards me and indicates that the doors wont open whilst I'm standing where i am and that i should go to the other doors on the other side of the kiosk he had such a kind face such understanding eyes..........**** and that was it for me i put my hands against the glass doors before falling to my knees and trying to keep my hair back **** I'm having a whitey ..i feel myself passing out i lean closer to the cold glass doors i feel its cool surface against my face and hear the mob approaching" are you  alright dear"beep beep beep beep beep beep ill spare you no detail a soft hand on my back and the  nausea my body lunged in the distance it all came up ughhh relief now spiting my hair out of my mouth ohh **** i burped before going another two rounds beep flipping beep wait there where the **** am i ? i don't ******* believe it !I'm totally ****-faced spewing over the back of the sofa  at Frans party ohh this is too much i must have passed out  please someone switch that fucikng alarm clock its driving me nuts i turned around and he was.... still there....aww my  sweet loving adorable Malcolm with half a toilet roll and a  bottle of water and some gum and all my  my hair gathered up in his hands, i don't know how it sounded to him when i said it, but i swore a slurred oath to never as long as i lived touch another drop of alcohol, or something like that, then home for some mouthwash mash potato and a earned rest
my head now finished with all things party,
no sex no drugs no rock n roll
supported by some Rennie a glass of water and a pillow
i started to drift away from the sites and sounds of what had been  a more than harrowing day the soft cotton pillow against my face soothed me i felt the slight grimace on my face Malcolm yawned the reassuring yelping-groan the one that says were home now and ever thing is fine our breathing slowed and as i drifted off i could hear him half snoring .........................................................................................................................................................then beep beep ******* beep!!!

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cool indeed. i love the voice. no full stops - so confused. so real.