A Totally Random Story

I am going to attempt to write a story without stopping. Ready... go1

So, one day, I was walking home when this elephant came up to me and said, "Do you have a piece of pie?" I said, "No." and walked on. Then the elephant came back and said, "You'd better give me a piece of pie, or else.!" I might have a few spelling mistakes by now. After the elephant said that, I spread my wings and flew to Madagascar, where Gloria the hippo was trying to flirt with Melman the giraffe. (Creepy... interspecial love. That should't be in a kid's movie.) Anyway, Alex the lion came up and took a bite out of Marty the zebra's butt... again!. Thsi was getting scary. I went back to my house, I don't know why, but I saw the elephantt glaring at me agian. "Ha ah! I've got you now." It said. I screamed and said, "The pie's in the refridgerator.' The elephant said, " OK, thatnks." And they all lived happpily ever after, except for Marty the zebra who was about to die after Alex developed a aste for zebra butt.

I might have spelling mistakes, but that's ok.

ASGPwriter ASGPwriter
Feb 22, 2009