blink- First Short Story.

blink; Bodies separated into insanity. blink. I’m forced back into my room. blink. The world is shifting back and forth. Being shaken like a present in the hands of an excited child. blink. I snap back into myself like a rubberband and ricochet. Trembling. The momentum is staggering, blink. Every neuron in my brain *******. blink.  I feel myself being lifted. blink. I bring my arm to my side with trouble, as if wading through an invisible murk . I can suddenly feel each part of my body in hypersensitivity. My lips feel swollen, and magnified to the point of a perception I had never known. blink. I erupt through the murk like a volcano, and for a split second, im encased in reality.

What is it im doing? How? How could hours swap with minutes, and time seem to wrinkle at its seams?  My thoughts are beings tossed from one topic to another as if it were the cruel subject of monkey in the middle.  I cant even remember my prior reason for existence.

Things I think about come alive and play before my eyes. They diminish faster than they came and melt into another scenario. I feel my body fuse back into a jello’ed layer of reality.

Back and forth. Back and forth. My body begins to fray with each dimension its hurled between.  My skin tightens to my bones and I weld my eyes shut, wishing away the bittersweet pain.

My very spine begins to fight its way past my skin, stressing every tendon and vein attached to it. I try to flex against it, and bring my skeleton together again; only to have it ooze back apart immediately. blink. blink.

I try to focus on the music before me and manage to push my attention up enough to pick up my imagination and direct it over into a more pleasant environment.  Im swallowed in satisfaction for several eternity sized moments before I allow myself to sink again. blink.

The entire cycles resets itself.

 blink. Bink. blink.


rem122 rem122
18-21, F
Apr 28, 2009