Story:magic Moments In My Wardrobe-(hope It Makes U Smile..)

 It was a beautiful warm day n my aunt n uncle decided to go to the beach with Iza,Ap,Aly and Wall.Koyptakh went with his dogs for a walk and Avi was reading at her house 'the little prince'.Marji needed to rest n as Jim went for work she went to sleep.So i was home alone writing my homework which i had to give the next day.
Tryin to stay awake i had a cup of nescafe.And without noticing i had another cup n another.I was writin n writin when i just threw my notebook on the wall(tuuf!)
-enough!better if i sleep,i said.
Little had i know,that sleep would b the last thing i ll do.
(Tack tack!)i heard a noise,not too loud but like someone was knocking at a door.
-wheres that comin from?i wondered.
-salut!(hi)marie said,the fairy from lille when she came out slowly,slowly from my wardrobe.
-marie!!i said excited
-shhh!aujourd'hui(today) we move here!look there!
-in my wardrobe?i said n laughed.
She shook her head n said'yes look'
when i opened my wardrobe colourful lights filled my room.
-wow,i said.
Everytime the fairies visited me i became happy.I saw all my tiny friends!i looked inside,above in the corner-where my coat was-a tiny sun was there!
-il'y a du soleil(its sunny)marie told me n waving many flowers appeared around us.
-oh i wish i was in there too..
-take my hand,she said.
She closed her eyes,threw a golden dust around me n said:Tiny,tiny to become,the gift of wings to have,i ask that with peace n love,magic magic wherever we go,magic help me now n forever!
in less that few seconds i was like them,i looked at myself suprised.Purple dress,purple beautiful wings n i knew how to my own wardrobe!
-this is fun!i said
-j'ai soif(im thirsty)marie made 2spins n created a small cloud above her that started to rain.she took a cup that now was filled with water and drunk it.
-hehe marie,u r really thirsty
-aaahh!puuf!Bublie screamed as she fell from climbing onto one of my coats.
-r u ok?i asked worried
-im always ok!she said n got up quick
-tsk proud fairy,i thought.
The fairy with the blue dresses n wings were under my pyjamas sleepin.Two of them were dancing around the other girls tryin to wake them up. My,a boy got a tiny drum n started makin noise.I shook my head laughing.Rosa clapped her hands n took me from my hand
-what?i said
we got on a rose that was on my new jean.The rose was moving around the closet creating sparks n i could see all the was so beautiful n i couldnt stop smiling.Some of the fairies were waving at us.
And suddenly i heard a noise.My uncles car!
-quick!marie!where r u?
Marie came quick.made two spins around me saying:what was once tiny n had the gift of wings make it normal,i ask that with peace n love,magic magic to come back,magic help me now n forever.
I quickly turned back to normal,run to the kitchen n open the door before my uncle open it himself.
-everythin ok?he asked
-yes..yes,i said
-strange,my aunt said.why is ur wardrobe open?
-i was just lookin for my coat,i replied
-phew,i thought n tired i went to my bed.
-thanku,i whispered
A small light appeared n disappeared in the wardrobe and i fell asleep smiling.
-merci for reading!till next time:)
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hugs n smiles*

glad u like it

This ws interesting :)


Loved the story it was great.You are a great writer please keep it up. :-)

:)glad u like it*

magical :-)

im glad u like it

ya Amy<br />
salut!<br />
Beautiful. I was there. You write magically and so make real your inner world. That is a rare gift.<br />
Thank you.<br />

It was a interesting story


That is beautiful milady.

feeling happiness n magic around.. :)

:)))<br />
How was it like being a fairy?

love u2