But The Computer Said...

Last the Mrs and I went shopping with two of our daughters with some money they received for their birthdays.  When we went to pay for the shoes (go figure), the total came to $56.42.  My daughter gave the clerk three $20 bills.  

Let me take a moment to step aside here.  My wife and I play a game I call "Funny Money".  All it really is, when you get a total, you look at what coins and smaller bills you have in you pockets and ad it the change you will receive in order to have an even 5, whether is it a 5 dollar bill or ending in an even nickel.  

When the clerk stated the total is $56.42, I instinctively reached into my pockets and find $0.42 and say "I have 42 cents."  Meanwhile, my wife says she has a dollar and she puts it on the counter.  Now for those who aren't too quick with the math, that money we put on the counter plus the change, would give us a $5 bill.  Regardless, the girl never heard us say that we added that money on the counter but took it, put it in her till, and then gave us $3.58 in change.  My wife and I look at each other kinda funny.  We atleast expected to get the added money back. But no.  

We told her that the change should be a five.  "But the computer said 3.58" she said.  

"Yea, but we gave you $1.42.  The 0.42 makes the change $4 and the extra $1 makes it a five," I replied.

"But the computer said 3.58" she repeated.

"Yes, we gave you that 1.42.  Where did you put the single we gave you?"

"In the drawer."

"Don't you think it should be at least added to the change?"

"But the computer said 3.58" again she repeated.

By now, I was ready to say just say "give me the dollar back" and eat the loss of the 42 cents.  

"But extra money we gave would make the change $5," my wife stated.

With uncertainty, she gives us the $5 bill.  My wife reassures the girl that her drawer will be ok, meaning we didn't short change her and we both leave.

We all been there, we give the cashier a twenty and they accidently enter $200 on their register.  The cashier freaks out, calls for a manager, thinking that their drawer will be short because they entered 200 instead of 20.  Just makes you shake your head in disbelief.

EbolaGuy EbolaGuy
36-40, M
Nov 16, 2009