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*a Story Bout Real Friendhip*

 Melodia is a tiny fairy who lived in a forest,away from here.  One day she met Anabel,a dragon.''friends''?''friends''they both agreed.
-id like to take u up high in the sky.i ll help u if u are u want that?anabel asked melodia
-id like that but im really afraid.u see im tiny.i do have wings but so high i could never go.
Melodia closed her eyes n made fireworks in the shape of a dragon.she smiled n said:thats my gift for u.
-hm.thats not enough for me.i would take u so high but u didn accept n now u just do that for me?
Melodia started thinkin what to do to prove how much she cared for her friend.she made cookies in shape of flowers n hearts n put some in a plate under an apple tree. Melodia fall asleep when..-woof!
-hey,she said suprised when she heard the noise.oh a puppy.u like cookies,take some.
-woof woof.thanku,the puppy said.
After few minutes anabel came.
-hi anabel.imade cookies for u.would ulike?
-cookies for me?and he eats?no way!im so angry with u help u go so high in the sky but u didn accept.u dont really care for me.u are not my friend,she said n blew fire towards her
melodias left wing got burnt.  She,it wasn the pain that her wing got burnt but a pain in her heart.
The dragon left n didn appear again.The tiny fairy sad sat under a tree.the puppy sat near her.
-how good friend u are but im so sad.i lost my friend.
The puppy run and came back bringing to melodia a tulip.
-oh thanku my take some cookies,she said n smiled.
"i have to try again with anabel''she she flew very far to find the dragon.and when she found her..
-why u came?
-i want to b ur friend again.i miss u
-didn u realize why i burnt ur wing?u r not a good friend for me and u became a friend with a puppy.u hurt me!anabel said.
-ok,melodia said n sad she left
-woof! The fairy saw the puppy who has been there all along since the beginning.
-my friend,i ll always trust hurt but now i know.real friends accept each other,they dont need proof to see someone cares.u were always here,caring and never judged me.thats real and i love n care for u as the most precious treasure in the friends forever,she said n hugged him*
amysangels amysangels 22-25, F 4 Responses Nov 23, 2009

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Hi amyMA<br />
Melodia has a beautiful heart. This is a lovely exploration of friendship and the risk of hurt from reaching out to others.<br />
It is funny because it is said that people who walk their dogs make friends more easily when they meet other people with dogs - so maybe the puppy will help Melodia!<br />
Keep writing and illustrating. This would make a beautiful book!<br />

this just made me tears right now.. :[ <br /> the dragon.. i can never change that.. <br />
i was hurting.. yet, still i can't help it.. <br />
<br />
you've made such a wonderful story.. <br />
touched my heart.