''to Smile Miss,to Smile''

Once again,Emily had to walk so far without anyone to know.She just felt she had to go far.As it was almost morning Emily felt a bit tired and wanted to return home.All was so silent and the sky seem beautiful.It was a bit cold but that didnt matter.She always felt good after a long walk.

On her way home,Emily heard a woman saying ''hello''to her.

She turned and saw the woman.

. ''hello''she said to her.

-You look so cold,she said  to the girl.

 -Oh i ll be fine.

-Take this,the woman said and gave her a box.

-But this is beautiful.I cant take it.

-Take it,its just something i give

Emily gave a hug to the woman.

-Now i have to leave. Save the box,ok?I dont need it,she said now serious.

The girl didnt  have to ask anything.  She looked at her.Emily touched the woman's hands and told her ''hold this''

-hold what?she asked

-its a butterfly to make u smile...to make u smile miss.Do u see?

suprised she looked at her hands,she shook her head for two seconds but then looked at the girl.She looked a bit thoughtful.Nothing was in her hands.

-do u see miss? is to make u smile..

-i see.a blue buttefly,in my hands.

-yes,lets let her fly now!she said excited.

They made a move upwards with their hands and then a butterfly fly away..

-Ah the woman then said,and smiled.. :)

we just have to see beyond to what our eyes just see*




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Very Nice :)

..u r welcome

we just have to see beyond to what our eyes just see*<br />
thank u


:)im glad

hugs*glad u like it

To see beyond what our eyes can see, to be able to see with our hearts and not just with our minds.... Lovely story.... Thanks for sharing..... *hugs*

oh candy..lots of hugs.<br />
thank u both for reading*

so beautiful as always...I'd like to giv u a box..with a purple butterfly ...putting happy *Smiles* in ur heart! that shine out on others ..hugs and lov sent ! Amy!she had much a smile..a gift that's always free..makes sad hearts smile..

glad u like it

u r welcome lorraine*hugs

Oh yes ! We do have to look beyond what the eye can see to *feel* the beauty and peace in the world.<br />
<br />
A lovely story, thank you for sharing it with us.<br />
<br />
hugsssssssssssssssss<br />