The Gift Of The Little Prince

Emma visited the most beautiful star.She was going up and up. The star she touched was the most bright one.

She felt so peaceful and happy,so relaxed.She looked around her and saw many stars.

-Take one in ur hand,she heard someone say. Emma without asking or saying anything took a star in

her hand.

-That feels like magic,she said

Then the star she was holding shine even more and went by itself very high and she was looking at

it suprised,

A tiny fairy appeared with a small pink wand.

-Come with me,she said to her

-Where are we going?she asked

-You ll see,trust me.

Emma followed the tiny fairy.Looking around her all time she thought all this was just a

dream.But was it?

They stopped on a planet-thats what it seemed.A planet that was full of flowers and colors!

-The flowers can sing if u ask them,the fairy explained.

-Flowers that sing?Hmm..

Emma looked in a corner and found a golden box.She opened it and found a pair of shiny,pink


-Go ahead.And ask the flowers to sing

-Flowers will u sing please for me?

Suddenly roses and tulips and daisies and all kinds of flowers seemed to take life and music

started.They became tiny people that sing now in the most lovely tune of melody.

The girl felt so beautiful there.She closed her eyes for a while and then started dancing and

dancing.She almost fall for a moment but one of the tiny people helped her stand up and she

smiled,said thank u and continued dancing.It was amazing.

The fairy that was there kept creating magical bubbles all around them.

-Look,Emma said,i can see the most tiny daisy i have ever seen!

-Yes,the fairy said.Thats true.That daisy remains for years so small.But you noticed it.

-Beautiful.Its small but the most important here.

-Exactly.Why do u think is important?

-Is different but yet beautiful.

She heard a sound of laughter.

-Where is this sound coming from?

-Its the little prince.Hes laughing again.

-Oh my little prince.I have never forgot him,the girl said.

-I know.

-You do?Did the little prince asked u to bring me here?

-He knows ur wishes since u wish upon the stars.He's laughing to remind u his love for u.

-Hmm..i never forget him.

-He knows that.He just wanted to give u a smile.So dance!dance more!

Emma kept dancing and dancing and smiling she thought that the little prince never forgets her

either and this was his gift to her.

-Thank u little prince,she said.

Tired after a while ,she slept among the flowers and the fairy with the help of the tiny people

brought her to home as she was travelling to the land of dreams.

 The next morning she found a note saying ''goodnight,sweet dreams''.Emma knew it wasnt a dream..
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glad u like it koyptakh..yes little prince is important..*

Hi amyMA<br />
I love that story! The planet picture is great! I like the idea flowers sing. <br />
I agree to be small and different is to be beautiful.<br />
Good gift from The Little Prince. Salut!<br />