The Garden (part One)

A garden in perpetual bloom, neither spring, summer, autumn nor winter .. the best of each season blended perfectly to suit this ethereal place through which she wanders. Her gown made of pure silk, so light the fluttering of nearby butterflies perturb the falling garment. She is not important here, the beauty of her surroundings are what brings her to this place.

The wisps of color arranged as if by the hands of an artist. The shimmering beads of morning dew upon the leaves when the untouched rays of light touches them. A burst of color and fragrance, yet subtle, as she glides through this magical place. The birds and insects making their ways through the many paths over to their nests and mates. It's calming in all it's beauty. It's serene in spite of all the happenings....

She takes a seat beside a lonely exotic flower, a few feet from the rest beside the fountain in the crossing of so many paths.

"You're different..." She states, not having even looked directly at the plant, her eyes glancing at the cascading sparkles of water. She is not searching for an answer from the blossom, yet is not surprised when she hears the tinkling of a million tiny crystal bells that form the words "So are you....". Her smile is radiant as she takes in her surroundings. "Quite right my little friend, you're quite right. Neither of us is like the rest". The tinkling voice responds "But that does not make me less beautiful, nor less fragrant than all my brother and sister blossoms.".

She falls silent... her gaze sweeping across the large garden for what seems like hours. Finally she lets out a sigh but does not respond to the words spoken to her. Days pass as she sits there, a snail crossing their path takes long enough for her to admire each tone of brown and green, to appreciate the spiral of his home on his back, but she never speaks.



Years go by.

The garden remains as it was on the day their conversation began and finally she lifts herself from the earth, tilts her head toward the blossom and whispers "That is why I chose to sit with you my friend." and so she takes a few more steps forward into this world.

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I hope part two doesn't dissapoint. I'm a bit sleepy right now but felt the need to put it to "paper". I'll retouch it a little later, but thank you so much for the comment on this one :) I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you :)

nice writing