I Suppose I'd Better Be Honest....

I've not written a short story, or indeed anything, for quite a while.

I have these 'great' ideas, work them all out in my head, then never put them down onto paper or keyboard.

The last thing I wrote was about two years ago, a fantasy story about the origin of leprecauns, and I only wrote the first chapter of that. It was thought of as a childrens book.

Then, on one of the writing websites, I started a story as a comedy, basically writing a short section each day, developing the background, but the story started to twist itself and became a lot darker and sexual, and whilst I know it in my mind its not gone further 'in print'.  It had the opening lines of " "I wonder if her hair tickles her *** when she's naked?"

It wasn't me being rude about the woman with hip length hair that had just bought her ticket from me, but just me coming out with the first thing my nudist mind came up with."

Currently I have one going through my head, it's got the title of 'The Sexual Malfunction' (or 'The History of a Married Man'), and is largely autobiographical, being a series of letters to people who've influenced me sexually through my life, the style of it being (I think) suited to the subject matter.

Maybe I'll start writing it soon.

matterinhand matterinhand
51-55, M
Mar 15, 2010