My Dad My Hero

  It all started when we were at school, we were told to write a story about our hero, it had to be someone we never met.  I chose my dad. My teacher looked at me, so I told I never met my dad.  So that night I had to ask my mom about my father, the only thing she could hardly talk about. This is what she told me.  Your father and I met 10 years ago, we were both in the military. We were both combat fighters. Your dad was amazing, he even had his own room set up at the hospital because he was alwas getting hurt.  Anyway I was discharged from the army but your father wanted to continue on, he felt free up in the air, he was never the kind to be able to sit and do nothing.  He had to be flying, or training. Anyway he moved your brother and I out to base so we could all stay together. Mark got the chance to help carry the food over seas. It was supposed to be a flight where food was delivered then he would leave and come home.  Mark and tom were best friends they goofed off all the time. they were going in the same plane.  Anyway I was pregnant with you and I was waiting till he got back to share the news with him, I was able to tell Tom.    On that morning we woke up at 7 in  the morning had breakfast, while we were eating Tom came by to pick Mark up. They ate together and teased me like always.  Then we walked to Tom's truck i gave Tom a hug and I huged your dad and he gave your brother the puppy. Then he got in the truck put his sun glasses on and waved out the window, that was the last time I saw your dad, He blew kisses at me.   It would be a month later before I heard from him again. He  called to say that he was thinking of us and that he wished he was home, I told him then that I was pregnant with you, I could tell he was choked up. He was thrilled. We hung up after that.     

 Two weeks later there was a knock on the door, I was handed a note. The note said I regrett to inform you that Captian Mark pollm was killed in the line of duty. It wen't on about arangements to bring him home.  By the end of the week everyone had heard, they made sure your brother and I were taken care of. So I made arangements to have him brougt home to Barllrey Park, it was the park he grew up at. I had it shut down. There was the playground where he played including the blue slide he loved so mutch.  So two weeks later we had a funeral/ celerbration for him. First slides were shown of him and songs were played, i decided then that your name was going to be Mark. Then yellow balloons were let go.  We even hung his dog tags on the side of the tree. We knew he was in a better place.  

  It was four months later you were born,I got so bad I couldn't even talk about him. I had found out from Tom that there plane made it and then there was a riot and mark got hit,he asked me to be Mark's dad because he knew he wouldn't make it. He sure tried I tell you that.  I'm sorry I didn't tell you everything before.  Well at least I knew about my dad and I was proud so that is why I chose him to write about.  He not only was a good son, a hard worker, a good father to his son that he knew, but a hero to, i feel like he's happy He died with his boots on. A proud man, that is my dad. 

So now there is the story of my dad. I want to be just like him. the class all clapped. 

This story is mad up, the charcters in this are not real, I know this may sound like real life stories. This story is dedicated to all the military families who have loved and lost.

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my dad died in the army, i like this story