A Shorthand Admirer

I learned Pitman's shorthand in 1960 and completed the whole course only in six months and passed a test at 120 words per minute.  I have ever since kept in touch with it by using it during my studies in England and then in taking Minutes of meetings during employment.  Even now I use it to make short notes and reminders in shorthand.  I am fascinated by the beautiful characters of shorthand.  I love to read stories which are printed in shorthand.  Can any one please guide me where to find such stories so that I could satisfy my constant urge to read and transcribe the beautiful characters of Pitman's shorthand. 

M. Shareef
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2011

Thank you indeed blpuk for your beautiful blogspot. This is exactly what I was eagerly waiting for. It would help all the lovers of Pitman's shorthand keep the art alive and inspiring.

I have a blogspot written in Pitman's New Era Shorthand for just this purpose: long-live-pitmans-shorthand.blogspot.co.uk and you can also download PDFs of each completed month's shorthand blogs for your personal use, all at no cost. For the pre-New Era versions of Pitman's (Centenary, Twentieth Century and earlier) see www.archive.org for many PDFs scanned from all the old books.

Hello, I know this post is old, but I've only just come across it. Ebay is a good place to find books written in Pitman shorthand. I have many in my collection. I love shorthand.<br />

I too love shorthand and would very much like to have some books written in Pitman's shorthand from your collection if possible. My best regards. Shareef