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I am delighted that many people are still interested in shorthand both for work and hobby. I learned in the 1970's but since starting my shorthand websites, I have discovered that there are very many people learning, and wanting to learn, but nowadays they have to study on their own or through the internet. Those who do so have achieved even more than those of us who were taught it in college classes, as they have found their own motivation and determination to get their shorthand to a useful level. If you are learning or revising shorthand, you will find plenty of reading material in my Long Live Pitman's Shorthand Blogspot, all written in Pitman's New Era Shorthand, with text key underneath. Pitman's and Gregg are the fastest systems, and Pitman's is not difficult if you are keen and apply yourself methodically. If you want a simpler alphabetic system, Teeline would be better, but it cannot reach the very high speeds of Pitman's and Gregg. - BLPUK  www.long-live-pitmans-shorthand.org.uk & long-live-pitmans-shorthand.blogspot.co.uk
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Shorthand has always fascinated me. In a similar vein, I am proficient at Morse Code. I guess its something from our age group (I am 65, not far off your age).