Sixty Cars Veer Out Of Control.

The end.

EP doesn't like this group. (Please make your story longer.) LOL
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The fog enveloped them as they cascaded into the abyss. (This is 10 words;please make your story longer.)

Took mine out. Will leave it a mystery. :(

Awwww...was just teasing you.

Figured out one mystery; only to get caught in another. Se la vi

Oui...c'est la vie.

Show off..... 50% on mysteries and now 50% on language skills. I flunked. They are going to hold me back in EP another year. :P on them.

Hehe. Was I showing off? *blushes*

I sure hope you were..... If you weren’t it makes it even worse. When they see that you do that naturally, with no effort, I may be stuck here for 2 more years.
Do not even know if they have a group for that yet. I will be the only one in the group. Wonder if they give me one of those pointy hats or if I have to buy one?

They're for sale in the ep gift shop...right after the latex and lingerie...gots tokens?

I have some tokens, but I do not know if I will make it past the latex and lingerie....
Not for me you understand; for a friend of a friend. We just happen to wear the same size. :)

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