And So It Began

I was about fifteen when i was scandalised by my best friend coming to school with yaoi on her school book.

Boys, kissing and having sex? What!? xD

Then i snuck online and looked this stuff up and blushed fifty shades of scarlet but i liked it so i read more.

Now, five years later i ship all of the things =I

I wish i were kidding, i cannot watch a show or movie without pairing somebody. I watch Sherlock, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, and The Big Bang Theory, etc


xD All the things!!
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Haha, me either! I'm watching some movies or concerts and I'm always pairing some guys... And I cannot stop myself! I understand you, even more than you can imagine ;) cheerio!

I write fanfiction for all of these things. Wow, what a part to forget to put it xD