Enjoy Writing Slowly And Mindfully

i just wrote a post of Write Mindfully on my blog(http://sandyxuan.com) and then i googled to see who might share the same interest and anyhow i stumbled here :)

i was always a hasty writer myself.

when i carelessly drool words all over my screen, often to my surprise i found the speech there hardly means what i seriously mean.

even in many occasions i feel so embarrassed by my quick expressions.

and it made me think, i shall actually write resonating with who i truly am.


i realized i shall better choose thoughts that are already matured in meanings, not whatever noise in the background.

and i shall take my time to process my thoughts for clearer expressions.

in this way, at least i myself can feel comfortable with my own words.


and most importantly i shall really enjoy the writing itself.

sure writing out a decent piece is important.

but more than the mere result, i think i quite deserve to enjoy a leisure of thoughtful writing too.


by writing slowly and mindfully, i will make more sense of my words and i will enjoy expressing my authentic self out.
SandyXuan SandyXuan
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2010