More Than Just A Chair

one time during high school, my classmate approached me about the essay i wrote,
she read it, i dunno how she got a hold of it, coz it was supposed to be on my english teacher's hands already, :P,

anyways, so she told me that she liked how i wrote it,--i forgot the topic. lol.sorry, and she was the editor-in-chief of our school paper, it made me feel awesome, hahah,

we had short talks, and she said she's curious about how think,

i explained by example that, whenever i see simple objects--in this case a chair,i feel really curious about...
who came up with the design?!,
who are the other students who've been on this chair?!
who were the teachers that this chair have witnessed?
etc. etc.

i dunno, i feel like that sometimes, nope , most of the time,
simply put, i always wonder. ^_^
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Jan 12, 2013