A Mask Of Smiles

Do you see my smile?
The one that I wear everyday
The one that says I'm okay
But am I?

Do you hear me laughing
At your lamest jokes
And silly antics
But is it for real?
Or is it fake?

Is it a mask I wear
To avoid the questions?
Or a mask that I wear
To hide my emotions?

Do you see my smile
Plastered onto a mask of lies?
A mask I wear everyday
A mask that says I'm okay

A mask that I never take off
Even when you ask me what's wrong
For I point to my mask, and say,
"Nothing's wrong,
Do you not see my smile?"

But my mask is not as perfect as it looks.
For, like everything else, it has a flaw -
A crack.
Through which you may see me crying.

But are these tears of joy and laughter?
Or of pain and sorrow?
You may never know.
For I glue the crack back together,
And act like it never broke.
And when you ask me what's wrong,
I point to my mask and say,
"Nothing's wrong,
I'm smiling.
Shouldn't that tell you
That I'm okay?
DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2010

i completely get this poem, like as if its describing me...