Is numbness an emotion?
How can it not be when, at times,
It’s all I ever feel?
Sometimes I wonder if it has a mind of its own
It’s very deceptive,
And cunning.
At first it seeps into yourheart,
Makes you cold,
Then it envelopes your mind,
Rendering you unable to think,
Unable to want,
Unable to even move your cracked lips and whisper,
It’s very persuasive, this feeling
It makes you believe that no one cares,
No one understands.
And that your cries will be in vain,
Will slip away into the darkness,
Where not a soul resides.
And yet, it makes you want to
Welcome the darkness with open arms.
It makes you tired.
And hopeless.
And to curl up in a corner,
And drown in your tears.
And then, it pierces your heart with the cold.
And you can’t take it anymore.
You want to close your eyes,
And slip into the darkness,
Forever and ever,
Where the numb feeling will never bother you again. 

I don't think this makes much sense, but I wrote it when I was feeling pretty blahh. =/
DarkAngel123 DarkAngel123
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Aww thank you! *hugs back*

Oh really? Thanks! ^_^

On the contrary it does make a lot of sense. I think most people can relate to this numb feeling and you've worded it all extremely Well. Kudos!