"You knew this was likely to happen, Daphne."

For once, Daphne did not react to the reprimand.  No one likes to hear "I told you so" and the dark Fae like it less than most...but she knew Lisha was right.  Instead of arguing, she just pulled herself into a smaller ball.

"I know it's unwise to tangle in the lives of mortals.  But Lisha, I thought this one would be different!"

Lisha could think of any number of things to say, but none would make her friend feel any better.  Immortal or not, Daphne was very young in terms of the Fae, and all young things make mistakes.  Lisha could have pointed that out, or called the whole affair a lesson.  Looking at the miserable pile of cobwebs and shadow that was her friend, Lisha said nothing at all.

How much had changed in the space of a few hours!  At sunset Daphne had prepared to meet her mortal lover...insisting upon assistance from a reluctant Lisha.  Ethereally slim and petite by human standards, Daphne's hair was a fiery nimbus that hid her pointed ears.  Her gown had been designed to inflame male senses, showing much and implying more.  When asked for an opinion, Lisha sighed and told the truth.  "You look lovely."

But now the blazing hair seemed extinguished, the gown more a blanket that Daphne clutched around shaking shoulders.  The human Daphne had fallen in love with had rejected her.

"Whoever claimed the Fae do not weep is a fool," said Lisha.
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Jul 16, 2010